Travel the World with Seth Beasley -OS

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With each Legging here you will receive a Post Card and we ask you to take Seth with you along your journey and post to his facebook page at:

seth beasleyTravil mills Foundation

From Seth Beasley's Facebook page;

On July 11, 2015, Seth Beasley died in a motorcycle accident. He was only 19 years old. Since childhood, Seth had dreamed of joining the U.S. Navy, like his grandfather and great-grandfather before him. After boot camp, he was stationed in Pensacola, not far from his mother, Jamee Booth, who lives in Wilmer, Ala. Gregarious and fun-loving, the young sailor had already made lots of friends in the Navy, and those friends – Jamee’s “Navy babies” – have helped to sustain his grieving mom. Another way she has survived the death of her oldest son is by attending Compassionate Friends meetings, where she had an idea to help keep Seth’s memory alive. She started this Facebook page, “Live On Seth Sailor Seth Beasley,” where people from all over the country, and all over the world, have posted photos of themselves holding postcards Jamee made. If you’d like to receive postcards in the mail, send her a private message. She will be happy to send some to you, and she looks forward to seeing where Seth ends up next. “I have been so truly touched,” Jamee said of the response to her page in Seth's honor. “I don’t know how to explain what it does to this mama’s heart.”